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Welcome to JVerify!

JVerify is an effortless, secure, and reliable phone number verification service (VaaS) designed to make it easier to create a more reliable web.

Protect your services and enable next-generation communication capabilities with your customers

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Low Pricing:

We offer competitive pricing, especially given the ease-of-use factor provided by jverify. You can rest easy knowing we are taking good care to deliver your messages.

We don't beleive in blindsiding you with prices, so here is what you can expect:

Volume Pricing
< 50 / month 6¢ per message
51 - 500 / month 5¢ per message
501 - 50,000 / month 4¢ per message
> 50,001 / month Contact us

Pricing Calculator

For 1000 messages, JVerify will charge $45.50. Adjust the slider to explore pricing:

You can set a maximum daily budget, and we will cut off the day's service if that budget is exceeded, or you can set it to unlimited and we will auto-calculate pricing per message.

Nonprofits, active duty, and students: Contact us, you may be eligible for free or cheaper messages!

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Plug-and-play API

With our 2-step API, you won't have to make any infrastructure changes. We don't have an unnecessarily complicated SDK, or confusing documentation. We beleive in straight-to-the-point and efficiency.

Examine our documentation to see how to incorporate JVerify into your apps!

Not a developer? Reach out to us and we can help you implement our services in your application. We also have a iframe-able component in development, so keep your eyes out for a no-code solution!

Still a developer but need help? Reach out! We are more than happy to help you integrate our solutions into your apps.

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Unprecedented reliability check status

Talk to real humans

No chat bots, no automated emails. Just pure human-to-human communication, included in every plan.

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Pre-designed, compliant message templates

We offer a handful of previously scripted messages that meet legal and compliance requirements.

Secure apps

The PIN sent to your users is never sent to your application, meaning even the most tech-savvy users won't be able to spoof results.